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The Whole Story about Money
We live in a time where more and more people need credit just to make ends meet and living on the edge has become the norm.

Today’s radically different economic environment from that of just 30 years ago is due largely to how the monetary system works.

Over time, systemic “money mechanics” have become the hidden enemy of sustainable personal finances.Now it takes something more than in times past to achieve financial freedom. 

Getting Out of Debt is no Longer Enough!

Most people give over the power to affect positive change in their financial lives to a corporate financial industry that they assume has their best interest in mind. However, this billion-dollar industry, as the main provider of education about money, overlooks and under reports a critical piece of monetary data.

Individuals and families suffer behind closed doors because household-budgetary decisions continue to be made without the benefit of complete information about how money works.

Traditional “tried and true” personal strategies for best ways to spend, earn, save and invest once capable of providing financial security for the many now fall short.

To reverse spiraling debt and its personal consequences to health, marriage and family, traditional strategies must be refreshed. Getting out of debt (once the final goal) is no longer enough. Given today’s economic environment, by necessity it becomes simply the first in a series of steps to achieve a lifetime of financial freedom.

Something More: The Quality Life Plan

My book, The Quality Life Plan: 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security, presents a unique personal finance formula to help everyday citizens create and sustain a debt-free lifestyle. As an easy-to-follow workbook, it aims to restore true wealth with strategies that address the whole story about money and provide access to a similar financial security and peace of mind as in times past.

Coaching Services

I work with clients to take them through my 7-step process to implement new wealth-building and money management strategies to reverse financial instabilty caused by ever-increasing credit use.Clients interested in creating and sustaining a debt-free lifestyle gain the knowledge, tools and skills to do so. Sessions can be in-person or over the telephone.

Please call for a free initial session to discuss your short and long-term goals.















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