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Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork



Swedish/ Wellness Massage-60 Minutes, $75*
This nurturing treatment combines moderate pressure, and connective strokes to ease away tension, increase the oxygen flow in the blood, and release toxins from tissue. Enjoy all natural oils and lotions, and slip into a new mental space with a rejuvenating full body treatment, which may include the modalities listed below.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage-60 Minutes, $75*                              

There is no better time to treat yourself! This treatment is done on an orthopedic Body Cushion, offering the best support for your spine and belly. The benefits to pregnancy massage are numerous! Cick Here to learn more.

Myofascial Release Treatment-60 Minutes, $75*
Gentle, sustained pressure is applied directly on skin to eliminate pain, and restore motion to the fascia (connective tissue) below. Excellent for clients who have Fibromyalgia or other connective tissue challenges.


Deep Tissue-60 Minutes, $80*

 Traditional Swedish combined with concentrated work on problematic areas to relieve stress, break down the lactic acid buildup, and aid in recovery.

Craniosacral Therapy-60 Minutes, $75*

Clients lie fully clothed on the massage table, while the therapist lightly holds key areas affecting the craniosacral pulse throughout the whole body. The craniosacral system consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. This may result in unwinding of tissue, a release of emotional memories, and an increased sense of well-being.
Reiki-60 Minutes, $75*                                                            

(Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning "universal life energy".  A gentle, yet effective treatment is administered with the client fully clothed by the hands being lightly placed on various points. The healing energy helps stimulate the client's own inner energy flow. The beneficial effects of this include reduction of stress, release of pain or discomfort, deep relaxation, and increased awareness.

Hot Stone Massage- 90 Minutes, $95*                                                  

Heated and smooth stones are integrated into your full body massage, by gliding along strategic locations of the body. This highly warming, relaxing, and grounding massage will ease your tension, help loosen tight muscles and soothe your mind.
*Please ask about Preventive Health, Time of Service, and Referral Discounts!

Medical Massage- Per Unit, $25


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