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What is Body Ecology?

Body Ecology is an integrated healing system that assists in the cultivating, nourishing, cleansing, and repairing of our unique inner ecosystems.

Body Ecology gathers wisdom from classical Chinese medicine, yogic traditions and Western science to help restore our whole body to a more ideal state. Techniques are holistically integrated from such fields as qigong, coaching, massage, movement, reiki, meditation, craniosacral, breath work, personal training, and the “art of non-doing”.

The concept of Body Ecology is an attempt to explain our physical and energetic anatomy by applying our understanding of the natural world. Just as the earth has delicately interconnected ecosystems, the same is true of our bodies.

Our electromagnetic and structural anatomy shares remarkable similarities with our living planet. Just as there are outside influences which affect the natural cycles of the earth (contamination, over-consumption, development) so too are there outside influences which affect our internal healing cycles (stress, diet, injury). Body Ecology works with the different levels of our complex physical and energetic matrix to bring balance and natural restoration to the body. The healing done on one level flows to the next, cascading to create a healing movement within the body as a whole.

 Why Body Ecology?

Many of us have taken steps toward more conscious lifestyles. We eat healthy organic foods, exercise, and try to become more conscious consumers. Body Ecology is a way for us to take that healing a step further. It is an opportunity to clean up our personal garbage by clearing major pathways of stagnant energy to make room for fresh, clear, vital energy. By doing so, we create space for our true selves to shine and help to provide inspiration for others on similar paths. It is a healing journey of balance, empowerment and self-discovery.

  How Body Ecology Works                  

Simply put, Body Ecology releases physical and energetic blocks in the body that are interfering with the natural communication and restoration of the body. Once these blocks are released and the ecosystems of the body are synchronized, the innate healing ability of the body is able to take place.

   Body Ecology utilizes a system of integrated therapies to release mental, physical, emotional and energetic blocks which allows for the balance and restoration of our bodies. Body Ecology works with the electromagnetic energy of the body (commonly referred to as meridians, charkas and dan tiens), as well as the musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, and cranial systems. Each session is integrated to bring you clarity of mind, healing of the body, and the opportunity of self-empowerment for the soul.

 Who Might Benefit from Body Ecology?
Body Ecology is tailored to work with the individual wellness goals and needs of each person. Those who have benefited from this type of work had complaints such as:

intestinal discomfort        
issues with sexuality        
being in a “funk”
mild depression                            
muscular pain

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