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Body Ecology Services Offered

These methods are all ways to help the various habitats of your body thrive. Life seems to flow with more ease and you will be free to connect with the nature of your true self:  


A Meditative Walk

Relax on a table and connect to the energy flow of your body as we release stagnant energy and improve vitality levels through the use of healing sounds and hands on healing. This meditative journey and deep healing will conclude with a few simple tools you can use to enhance energy flow and continue your healing path on your time.            

Back Country Exploring

Explore the rhythms of your body in a truly unique and deeply profound way. Have your body unwind itself of unwanted tension with assisted movement, connect deeply to the core of your self, and enhance energy flow in a way that will leave your body pulsating with life. If you enjoy dance, movement, and healing connections, this is the therapy for you.

Deep Body Ecology

Dive into the study of your deep ecology – your body’s unique ecosystems. Find out exactly where your energy wellness levels are through a variety of assessments. Discover and eliminate energy drains, strengthen the power of your core, and enliven your energy levels. Through written and physical exercises as well as hands on healing you can truly learn to manage your personal energy in a sustainable way

Fees are based on a sliding scale of $35-$65 per session.
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