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Client Testimonials

"Movement and healing are very important in my life.  There are times when I haven't been able to move blocks or pains through my own work.  Jeri has been able to offer me the help I needed to release and heal very old wounds and places in my body that were just stuck.  She has a great talent for deeply profound healing. I have a deep trust for her talent and ability to help me on my healing path."

            -Jenny Macke, Nia/Ecstatic Dance Instructor

 "I experience Jeri as knowledgeable, compassionate, gentle, powerful, nurturing and extremely intuitive. I feel totally held and safe in her care, feeling her full attention and interest to empower me to experience wellness. She is knowledgeable in a number of sciences and anatomy. Her work has served me immensely. I feel grounded in my body, and if this changes, she has given me tools to come back to being centered and restoring balanced energy flow.
I was profoundly moved by Jeriís hands-on-healing and the powerful, clean, clear energy that moves through her. The stuck energy was cleared away and I was recharged with bright, strong, vital energy. I felt really alive and connected. Jeri also has the uncanny ability to say just a few words that create inner contemplation, revealing profound realizations that would catapult me forward in my life. I am eternally grateful for Jeriís guidance and support."

                    -Nicola Hoffman, Healing Arts Practitioner

 Teaching References

"In nearly two decades of doing body work and training hundreds of therapists, I have seen a lot of people who have specific gifts which enable them to excel in various areas of massage, energy work, intuition, spirituality, or teaching. In my experience of having known Jeri for over 10 years (as my student and my teacher, my client and my therapist), I have found her to possess an abundant skillfulness which allows her to excel in all of these areas. Yet despite these rare gifts, she remains not only very well grounded in her approach to healing and wellness, but openly and joyfully shares these gifts with others. Her technique is well-tuned and she approaches her work with honesty and integrity. Jeri is truly a wonderful therapist, teacher, mentor and guide."

            -Jonathan Wells, Instructor at Utah College of Myotherapy and owner of Healing House

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