602 E Main St.

Everson, WA 98247


(360) 966-4343

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Operating Hours:

10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. M-S

State License Number:

Grade A Milk Producer License No. 9887

Liability Insurance Company:

Mutual of Enumclaw


Whatcom Humane Society
Dairy Herd Improvement Association
Dairy Farmers of Washington
Sustainable Connections- Food & Farming
Farm Bureau of Washington
Earth Friendly Farm Friendly



Our Farm & Herd
As a Grade A dairy since 1984, we have a small select herd of less than 80 carefully bred, registered Holstein cows. Our closed herd allows us to nurture our cows as individuals. We personally attend to their care during all stages of life, and the investment truly pays off. Some of our happy, healthy ladies are 13 years old and still living well in the cozy comfort of Mike’s cows’ barn.

We believe that healthy happy cows make the best quality milk. The farm environment, including air and water quality, hygiene, feed and healthcare all affect the quality of a cow’s milk. So our herd is fed a custom blended feed, which is monitored and adjusted for nutrients by a registered nutritionist. It contains top quality Washington State hay, custom mixed grain by Ferndale Grain and corn, grass silage, and local hay grown right here on the farm. We diligently wash all of our feed bins and water troughs daily, clean stalls and bed them with fresh kiln-dried sawdust multiple times during the day, and keep the air in Mike’s cow barn fresh and clean.

Our herd has been consistently among the top ten herds in Washington State for measures of productivity and cow health (they use fancy words like "low somatic cell count" and "high rolling herd average") but the bottom line is that our herd is well know in the dairy industry for all the right reasons.

Meet the Girls
This is Bertie, she’s pretty much the matriarch of Breckenridge Farm. Bertie was the first calf Elena Gonser delivered by herself, which gives her a pretty special place in Elena’s heart. At 14 years old, Bertie has sort of a “been there, done that” kind of attitude. Whether it’s time for her “pedicure”, dental check-up or milking time, she gets right to it and gets it done. She’s also a wonderful mama, with a number of healthy calves added to the family. Her latest is a sweet red and white little girl, a rare addition to our largely black and white herd.



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