602 E Main St.

Everson, WA 98247


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Operating Hours:

10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. M-S

State License Number:

Grade A Milk Producer License No. 9887

Liability Insurance Company:

Mutual of Enumclaw


Whatcom Humane Society
Dairy Herd Improvement Association
Dairy Farmers of Washington
Sustainable Connections- Food & Farming
Farm Bureau of Washington
Earth Friendly Farm Friendly



Our Products

The Dairy Best Family of Products from Breckenridge Farm:

Milk Our pasteurized, homogenized milk is gently processed using an old-fashioned slow vat pasteurization method that preserves the creamy texture and sweet, fresh flavor. Our milk is naturally low in sodium due to the good health of our herd.  It is available in 100% recyclable plastic gallon, half gallon, quart and pint sizes. 

Whole Vitamin D Milk 
Reduced Fat (2%)
Low Fat (1%)
Fat Free (skim) 
Cream Top (non-homogenized
We also produce the following farm fresh dairy products:

Whipping Cream 
Half and Half  

Sweet Cream Butter (lightly salted with natural sun-dried Pacific Ocean sea salt) 
Unsalted Butter
Honey Butter

 If you are a retailer, restaurant owner, baker or caterer, ask us about our bulk packaging and business delivery.   We deliver to locations within Whatcom County.   Ask about our joint delivery discounts and specials when you refer another business. We want to be your local supplier of high quality dairy products.
Our Processing
At Breckenridge Farm, we pride ourselves on using both old-fashioned hands-on animal care and a modern milk processing facility. We bottle our milk right here on the farm in our sparkling new processing facility twice every day.

Our farm and bottling plant are subject to inspection by USDA and Washington State Department of Agriculture many times each year.  Every single batch of our milk is tested to guarantee that it is always 100% pure, wholesome milk. You will never find antibiotic, pesticide or hormone contaminants in our Grade A milk, cream, or butter. Just milk.


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