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Name: Anny Havland

Marital Status: Married, 4 years

Children: one child, Ryker. pets, 1 dog “Snoop” and 1 cat “Hootie”

Occupation: Mortgage Consultant and Co-owner of Neighborhood Mortgage

Where did you grow up:  Grand Rapids, Michigan with my Dad and then I moved to Bellingham at age 13.

How long have you lived in Whatcom County: 18 years

Favorite activity in Whatcom County: Giving back – I am a big supporter of Whatcom County and I offer my time and support to Whatcom Young Professionals, Habitat for Humanity, Whatcom Women In Business in addition to other professional organizations like the Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Whatcom Association of Realtors. With the Realtor Association, I am on the Banking and Habitat for Humanity Committees.

Favorite places to eat: The Big Fat Fish Company, The Olive Garden, and Easy Entrée (*They prepare your meals and you take them home to cook-yes!).

Last community event attended: Habitat for Humanity – I’m currently planning a benefit fashion show - all proceeds go to the cause.

Favorite listening: A wide range of music; it all depends on my mood. If I need to clear my mind I might listen to Enya, or if I’m feeling energetic I might listen to Top 40.

Recommended reading: The Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. As you can see, I have a huge interest in personal and professional development. It’s actually my hobby.

Favorite non-profit:  I have to choose just one? Homeless Shelters like Lydia Place and Womencare, Whatcom Hospice (my dear cousin passed away 2 weeks ago and they were great with her), Boys and Girls Club of Whatcom County, and Habitat for Humanity.

Preferred local shopping: Blue Horizon Clothing and Sojourn.

Where do you go for fun on a rainy day: Once every so often, I settle down on my couch and turn my mind off by getting into a good movie.

Most of the time (rain or shine) I like being with family, friends or at professional socials – I love being around people.

Fondest Memory: Being with my father in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He would take us to Grand Haven, to the park and push us on the swings. He had this really fun motor home and he made it possible for my sister and me to sit in front with him and we would SING. He always made us feel so special by turning the focus on us. He always encouraged us by saying “You can do it!” and “Don’t give up!”. I live by his words and encouragement to this day.

What do you love about Bellingham: So much local business! Bellingham has a small town feeling; light traffic, not too crowded and we are a short drive away from two major cities. There are so many friendly people who support one another and want each other to succeed. And it’s so green!

Something I feel really passionate about: My real passion is in supporting co-workers, clients, and friends in reaching their goals. I believe and I have seen that ANYthing is possible. Neighborhood Mortgage, in our brief history has experienced many successes as a company, which we all cherish, but for me the moments that really matter are those when I see one of my co-workers, through their hard work and determination, truly living their dream. Watching and being a part of the success of so many of my co-workers and borrowers is what makes all of the hours I put in worth it.

2801 Meridian Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
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