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Name: Drew Graham

Marital Status: Married 11 years * we just celebrated the 14th year of our 1st kiss.

Children: 1 son, 8 years old and he is ALL BOY * wants to go pro...be a NFL football player one day. He is a 2nd grader and loves school, it*s the social butterfly in him * I don*t know where he gets that from.

Occupation: 9 - 5 my role is the development director for the Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

My fun money and business for over 3 years now is *Wannadance Mobile DJ Service*. When I started my business I quickly found a niche that needed to be filled * to be an event facilitator who happens to be a DJ.

I help plan the day*s activities and make sure everyone is on the same page. By  communicating between all the different services and making sure they will be on time and the seams are seamless. I act as the master of ceremonies.  So even if some details and activities go astray to the participants it is going smoothly.

Where did you grow up: I grew up Sequim Washington and left when I was 18 years old.  I am the middle child and have two sisters. My mom and dad are still married and live in Seattle, but plan on retiring back to Sequim in the next few years.

How long have you lived in Whatcom County: On and off for the past 18 years

Favorite activity in Whatcom County: Spending time with my family.  We love to go to Sqaulicom beach, walking on the green ways and biking.

Favorite places to eat: Giuseppe*s, The Steak House at The Silver Reef Casino, sushi at Moshi Moshi.

Last community event attended: I volunteered my DJ service at the Habitats for Humanity fashion show. I volunteer my DJ services 3 times a year to a non-profit event.

Favorite listening:  I am a lover of music!!! * So to ask what my favorite*is   I have just been listening to Joss Stone and Michael Buble on my iPod.

Recommended reading: My wife and I are reading The Secret... which is fun to see in print the way I have lived my life...Not such a  secret.  I mainly like to read fiction because I can be swept up by it. I like the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz and I'm a sucker for Stephen King.

Favorite non-profit:  Big Brothers Big Sisters. I volunteer some of my time here.

Preferred local shopping: We celebrate the shops in our neighborhood association; the Asian Market on Meridian, Fountain Drug &, Galleria.

My wife and I also LOVE to thrift shop * it*s such a great game and WOW she finds great things * she is a master and I am her student.

What do you do on a rainy day for fun: I love popcorn and a movie! I am a fan of The Princess Bride and Monty Python, which we watch together.

Fondest Memory: One of my fondest memories was celebrating the 4th of July with 20 to 30 other families, playing volley ball, throwing the Frisbee, spitting cherry seeds, you name it we played it. The eating, dancing and playing together went well into the night.

This event lasted for 3 years and on the 4th year when I was 12, it did not happened, I cried because it was such a great loss.

What do you love about Bellingham? Everyday I see people I know and everyday I meet people for the 1st time.  Bellingham is small enough when I go into a coffee shop I know someone and feel the  omfort of home and yet big enough I can go into an establishment and know no one and meet someone new.

2801 Meridian Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
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