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  Does The Eview provide any additional assistance to help me build my site?
 Answer :

Our goal is to help you build a site that is effective and efficient at getting you more or better business. The Business Eview Website Creation Tool is designed to make the web building process easy for business owners. Itís highly interactive and intuitive, yet we also offer the following for network members:

  • Convenient clues on how to design your site, build content, and use our service.
  • Best Practice hints and tips on how to build an effective site, viewable only by members via your admin page and Best Practice article index.
  • Local customer reps who can answer your questions over the phon and/or drop by to view and/or help you with changes to your site. You can contact us by email or give us a call at (360) 738.8188
  • Paid services from specialists who can build your site for you are available when needed, at costs that are much lower than traditional web and design firms.
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