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  How do I know competitors or angry customers won’t try to sabotage my service?
 Answer :

It is always a possibility that someone could try to use bogus information against you. Working together, we believe we can eliminate this as much as possible. At Business Eview, we utilize a variety of precautions to make sure sabotage doesn’t happen.

  • Customers who complete surveys—also known as Eviewers—have to be accountable by disclosing their e-mail addresses.
  • We require Eviewers to have used your service, and we ask a customer to rate an individual experience only once.
  • If there is an issue and an Eviewer cannot verify service with you, we retain the right to take their Eviews off our site.
  • You have the tools to respond to a customer and we offer dispute resolution services.

The best way to monitor your Eviews is to stay abreast of comments about your services and respond if appropriate. We will offer you daily updates on new ratings via e-mail.


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