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Name: Ron Doerksen

Marital Status: Happily married to my southern belle, Carol, for 20 years

Children: Joshua, age 14 and Lauren, age 6

Occupation: Business Development Liaison with Generational Wealth Partners

Where did you grow up: The Windy City, Chicago, Illinois

Favorite activity in Whatcom County: Driving the country roads. I canít get enough of the view of the mountains!

Favorite places to eat: I am just discovering some of the fun places to dine. My son and I have enjoyed the Colophon Cafe and I have also appreciated Jacciís Fish and Chips Shop in the double decker bus over in Fairhaven.

Last community event attended: My wife and I try to make the Business After Business events sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. These are lots of fun and a great place to meet new people.

Favorite listening: I am rather eclectic in my music tastes. I therefore enjoy immensely my XM Radio with its myriad of music choices. The 40ís channel is very enjoyable. Bluegrass is also a genre I enjoy. My wife and I both enjoy Anne Murray and James Taylor

Recommended reading: I must highly recommend a book whose author has profoundly impacted how my wife and I manage our money, Becoming Your Own  Banker by R. Nelson Nash. Secondly, I would suggest a book on how to use oneís wealth in a responsible manner, Faithful Finances 101, BY Gary Moore. On a lighter note I also enjoy Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and their mentor, George MacDonald (Phantastes, Lillith).

Favorite non-profit: I am currently on the board of a drug rehab service, The Psalm 23
Transition Society. My wife and I worked for a large non-profit organization for many years, Campus Crusade for Christ. We are very interested in the concept of micro credit and would like to explore doing a project in this regards.

Preferred local shopping: The jury is still out on this one. Iíll know better a year from now.

Where do you go for fun on a rainy day: A good book, printed or audio or a good DVD help with the rain. Of course our kids sometimes need fun ideas for such days. Any suggestions? 

One of your fondest memories: When my wife and I got engaged in Budapest Hungary before the wall came down.

What do you love about Bellingham: Itís location between the water and the forest covered mountains. Size, it is easy to get around.

Something you feel really passionate about: My greatest passion is in connection with my faith however in my business it is helping people get in control of their money. 

2801 Meridian Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
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