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A Consumer's Perspective... Why Shoppers Like Using Whatcom Eview

The Eview is a convenient way to find and contact local businesses committed to the consumer and our community. Bellingham Business Services is a company that promotes best business practices, consumer focus, customer satisfaction and value creation among Whatcom-based businesses. Our online service Whatcom Eview provides consumers a broad range of features to help them find the businesses they value. It also helps consumers to interact with local businesses to build a strong sense of community in our town.

The Customer Online Experience

ALL visitors can use The Eview to research companies in our network and access information for each business:

  • Your website
  • Your business information (i.e., location, specializations)
  • Consumer ratings (i.e., how satisfied other customers have or have not been)

By providing an email address, visitors can:

  • Request contact from select companies via e-mail or phone
  • Rate local companies who are part of The Eview network
  • Interact with companies via online polls to offer valuable feedback

Finding the Businesses They Value

When polled for what characteristics Whatcom Eview listings share, a sample audience said they value the site because the companies in its business network are:

  • Accountable
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsive to feedback

"I'll use the site to learn about potential service providers and about restaurants or stores that I haven't been to before," says another site visitor and long-time Bellingham resident.

"I will definitely use the opportunity to rate the suppliers and vendors that I use," she says. "I think when we in the community share our views with each other and let the business owners know how we feel, it creates a sense that we all care whether companies practice good business and stand by the work they do."

Getting a "Balanced View"

Whatcom Eview provides consumers with more than one way to learn about local businesses. A combination of a listings, a website for each business, and opinions and recommendations offered by local consumers' help visitors get a balanced view of how local businesses perform.

"Rather than relying on a company's marketing message alone, shoppers can choose vendors they feel truly offer the value they desire," says Blaine Fritts, co-founder of Bellingham Business Services. "And that is an empowering feeling for a consumer."

Empowering Businesses and Consumers

By supporting companies who care about customer satisfaction and value, consumers are becoming a powerful force in the world of local commerce.

And local businesses are benefiting. Through The Eview, companies are learning directly from consumers what the community feels is required to meet their changing needs.

By voicing their preferences, local consumers are helping shape the practices and behaviors of local businesses to everyone's advantage. They can help businesses improve their product selections or offer services that more closely meet the needs of the community. And they can offer valuable feedback to help businesses who are developing business strategies for expansion or change.

Through The Eview, Whatcom consumers are creating higher expectations in our community for what constitutes good business-by searching out and patronizing local businesses that provide the value they seek, and by sharing their opinions with business owners, other customers, and potential customers that could help your business grow.

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