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Operating Hours:
This is a Home-Based Business.
8am- 9pm M-F.
Saturdays 9:30am- 12pm
or, by appointment.
Call or email, and let me know the best time to contact you.

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Womens' Professional Network



We are MARY LOU STERN and KENNETH FOX.  As residents of Bellingham for nearly 3 decades, we want to see Whatcom County remain "GREEN", Sustainable and Environmentally Healthy.  As Baby Boomers, having seen more years than our appearances and energy levels would suggest, we want to promote optimum health for both ourselves, and for you.  We are teachers, counselors, gardeners, hikers and musicians, who would like to share ways that you might contribute to the health of our community, as well as contribute to your own personal and financial health.

If you would like to look better, feel better and have more energy, and/or live in a non-toxic home environment, we have a wide-range of scientifically formulated and tested for safety and effectiveness products, with 100% money-back guarantee.  These are a few of the products we recommend.
SHAKLEE WELLNESS PACK:  including NUTRIFERON, which naturally increases levels of interferon.  Although we work with the public, we do not get Flu Shots, and we do not get sick!!
CINCH INCH WEIGHT LOSS PLAN:  powered by Leucien, so you don't lose muscle, just fat, and your metabolism doesn't drop.  Leucine is a muscle-building amino acid found in some proteins.  Many on CINCH are finding that they are not only losing weight and inches, but are also able to cut down on their medications!!
GET CLEAN:  safe for you, your home, and your planet.  Using these products, and eliminating the toxic alternatives, your home will be safer for children and other living things.  You will have the powerful conviction of other, toxic alternatives, without dirtying the earth.  You will be saving money, while saving the earth.

INCOME AND TIME often seem to be in conflict.  Foxstar Wellness, through the Shaklee Corporation, offers you an income opportunity and life-style, which allows you to build the income of your dreams, while allowing you the time with a flexible schedule to let you be where you want to be, doing what you want. 
This is a HOME BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY with a supportive team training you and cheering your successes.  No inventory is necessary.  Shaklee does the bookkeeping.  What could be simpler?

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