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Qigong Classes

Private Session Hours
Private appointments weekday afternoons from 12:00 to 6:30, though there is some flexibility.

WA State License Number
Chiropractic License CH00002759



Introduction to Robert

Robert Bates is a teacher and a healer. A 1990 graduate from Southern California College of Chiropractic, he came home to Northwest Washington state;to open his healing practice. He is a licensed Chiropractor, holds a Master of Medical Qigong degree, and is an advanced Cranial Sacral Therapist. The last few years he has been adding the great healing methods of Lymph Drainage Therapy to his skill base. He is a lifelong seeker of the best in self-transformation. Robert is dedicated to his personal Qigong practice, which includes Wild Goose Qigong, Healing Tao exercises, Tai Chi Chuan, and Five Animal Frolics.

Healing and Teaching

Robert offers individual healing sessions, private lessons and classes and workshops. Robertís healing sessions are based on the belief that deep within everyone is the ability to learn, grow, and heal. The healing sessions are generally done on a soft and comfortable massage table, utilizing gentle touch, focus and healing energy to help access this deep healing wisdom. A healing session is more than a method for pain release and problem solving, it is an opportunity for attaining more self-awareness and personal growth. It is a path to greater wisdom. Robert also prescribes gentle exercises for each client so they can get healthier more quickly and have more personal, specific control over their health.

As a teacher he likes to encourage and inspire, give personalized feedback and simplify concepts to get to the essential information. He also likes workshops to be fun: We all learn better when we are relaxed and comfortable with each other. He teaches classes and workshops in the topics of Self-Healing Qigong, Qigong Therapy (Medical Qigong), and Empowered Touch Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Home in the Country

Robert lives with his partner Kathy, their two dogs Ponderosa and Donnatella, and 3 boy cats on 10 quiet acres in Whatcom County, Washington, just 10 minutes from Bellingham. They are surrounded by trees, meadows, ponds and gorgeous gardens, with trails winding throughout. The healing and workshop space amidst this setting is an ideal place to heal and learn. Beautiful and spacious, the facility has natural light, a high cathedral ceiling, and a strong healing charge.

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