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Qigong Classes

Private Session Hours
Private appointments weekday afternoons from 12:00 to 6:30, though there is some flexibility.

WA State License Number
Chiropractic License CH00002759


Robert's Healing and Teaching Services 

Costs of Care 

All kids under the age of 18: $50

Adult price: $85
Home Visits in Whatcom County: $20 (plus regular fee)

Healing Sessions 

For those seeking healing work and self-discovery
Cranial Sacral Therapy releases tensions from the structures and soft tissues of the body. Qigong Therapy (Medical Qigong) clears, tonifies, and balances energy flow. Cranial Sacral Therapy and Qigong Therapy are the Yin and Yang of Robert's therapeutic approach. CST is the softening, quiet, allowing, receiving touch. Qigong Therapy is more active, directly opening blocked Qi energy, adding Qi, guiding and directing Qi, and teaching clients prescriptive exercises. Together, these two powerful healing systems impart more vitality, and help heal all areas of life in deep and profound ways. Healing Sessions last about an hour and usually include specific exercise prescriptions along with a session on the table.
Fee: $85 per hour 

Private Qigong Lessons  

For those wanting to start or advance a self-healing practice 
For those wanting specific exercises for their particular healing needs
Robert knows many internal and external forms of the great healing art of Qigong. He will help you find the right set, form, exercises, breath practice, or meditation for your healing and wellness desires. If you already have a Qigong practice he will help you refine your movements, enhance your focus, and increase your knowledge.  
Fee: $85 per hour 

Healing Lessons 

For students and practitioners of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy or Qigong Therapy
A Healing Lesson amounts to both a lesson and treatment with Robert. Ask questions, gain insights, and get some good healing work. Receive ideas and instruction as Robert performs specific techniques; then trade places and practice the techniques on him. He will gently guide you in ways that will improve your mechanics, deepen your awareness through increased sensitivity, and empower your healing. You can choose to receive tutoring for one session or a whole series. 
Fee: $100 per 1 ˝ hours. 

Healing Supervisory Sessions 

For healing practitioners and their clients 
If there is a client you would like some extra help with, bring that client to Robert’s studio for a supervisory session. You will work together on your client, using CST and/or Qigong Therapy. It is a win-win-win situation. The client gets work from two practitioners for the price of one, the practitioner gets a free lesson, and Robert gets to do something he loves—teach. As you work together he will point out what he is doing and why, and will respectfully work with you on your own presence, touch, and technique. These interactive, multi-hands sessions are inspiring and fun. In the creative teaching environment, much good healing happens for the client. 
Fee: $85 per hour  

Four Ways Robert Can Help New Mothers and their Babies

1)  Easing Distress
Easing the distressing symptoms that sometimes arise in a pregnancy. This includes back pain, general discomfort and—especially—morning sickness. Robert has had great success with eradicating morning sickness in pregnant women.

2)  Preparing for Birth
Preparing the mother’s body for birth by helping ease tensions. I encourage this by relaxing and balancing the fascia, muscles, and organs of the pelvis; and by gently bringing better alignment and openness in the joints and skeletal structure of the legs, pelvis, and spine.

3) Healing Babies
Helping babies recover from birth tensions and the general difficulties of learning how to be in a body. Robert has helped babies with symptoms such as reflux, excess crying, digestive difficulties, uneven skulls, sleeping problems etc. For most babies this takes 3 to 4 sessions, sometimes fewer.

4) Recovering from Birth
Helping women recover from the rigors of giving birth. This work has been shown to be especially effective with healing from C-Sections. As I’m sure you know, the residual effects of a C-Section can include headaches, back pain, lassitude, decreased sexual energy, colon and bladder problems, etc. 

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