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Fun With Qigong: Five Flows Set

The Five Flows Qigong set is an accessible, doable, powerful and fun practice for people of all levels of health. The Five Flows Qiqong set consists of 12 gentle exercises divided into five parts. The set has been carefully designed to teach foundational principles of healing through movement.

The Five Flows Exercises
First Flow:        Shaking the Body, Turning the Waist, Waking the Breath.
Second Flow:   Outer Qi Shower, Inner Qi Shower.
Third Flow:       Charging the Center, Charging the Kidneys, Charging the Qi Ball.
Fourth Flow:     Streaming the Fountains, Riding the Waves.
Fifth Flow:        Centering the Qi, Nurturing the Qi.



What is Qigong? 

Qigong is the Chinese art, science, and philosophy of natural healing and personal energy management. It is an ancient discipline that helps to create a calm and natural balance of energy in your body. Refined over hundreds and even thousands of years, Qigong is extremely effective in increasing wellness and curing many ailments.

Pronunciations and Definitions 

Qigong is generally pronounced as “chee gung.” There are other spellings for Qigong, the most common one being: chi kung. The word “Qigong” itself is a modern term for a vast body of exercises and meditations based on integrating the mind, body, breath and vital energy. The word “Qi” has many nuances and definitions, both traditional and scientifically modern. Many people equate Qi to life force energy, the power that infuses life. Qi is the bridge between matter and spirit, that which allows consciousness to move matter. The word “Gong” can be translated as skill. It is an ability acquired through dedicated practice.

Tradition and Research 

There is a long, long history behind Qigong. Many generations of continuous practice and refinement by many lineages of masters have led to today’s art. Some sets many hundreds of years old are still practiced today. Thousands of styles of Qigong have been created. Qigong exercises have traditionally been kept secret in families, monasteries, sects, villages, professions, and by Qigong masters. Such powerful, life-enhancing practices were deemed precious and not to be shared lightly. In recent years, many formerly secret methods of Qigong have been released to the public. The times for secrets has passed. The old knowledge is being shared for the benefit of all.

Besides the immense body of traditional knowledge and practices, a great deal of modern scientific data has also been acquired—backing up the value of Qigong practice. The Qigong & Energy Medicine Database, Version 7.3, lists over 3900 abstracts and citations on the effectiveness of Qigong and a number of other alternative healing systems. 

Qigong is for Almost Everybody

Almost anyone can do Self-Healing Qigong. Even in old age, sickness or after trauma, many of these forms can be performed. In fact these are great times to do the exercises. Self-Healing Qigong is safe for all ages.

Basic Qigong is easy to do. It doesn’t take gobs of willpower or a mighty body. Getting yourself to practice everyday takes only a smidgen of discipline. Once momentum is created, your practice grows naturally.

Qigong Offers Many Healing Benefits 

  1. These are just some of the benefits a Qigong practice brings:
  2. Clean out old, used, and toxic energies and substances from the body and field.
  3. Clear blocks to the free flow of energy in the body and field.
  4. Increase the total energy in the body. 
  5. Increase the quality of the energy in the body.
  6. Balance the energetic flows in the body (in meridians, vessels, chakras, etc…)
  7. Fill the body’s center with healing, strengthening vitality.
  8. Nourish and heal the internal organs with vital energy.
  9. Have more energy for the activities of life.
  10. Develop a reserve of energy to use in special and stressful situations, and for healing.
  11. Learn to notice when and how you shut down energetically; and then how to get your energy moving again.
  12. Heal chronic injuries.
  13. Prevent many injuries and illnesses.
  14. Heal more quickly from injuries and illness.
  15. Gain more joy and vitality from life.
  16. Become more relaxed and calm.
  17. Clear the fog from your brain.
  18. Enhance your Immune System.
  19. Have fun.
  20. Feel better.
  21. Increase your flexibility.
  22. Empower your breathing.
  23. Release negative emotions. 
  24. Improve your coordination and gain more flowing grace with movement.
  25. Keep mentally young all your life.

Types of Qigong 

Qigong contains sitting, standing, moving, and lying movements and meditations. Qigong movements are often beautiful, usually relaxing, and always purposeful. Every Qigong exercise has specific aims for healing and moving Qi in the body. There are many intricacies of position and attention within every Qigong exercise. Many Qigong movements are gentle and flowing. Some are more vigorous. Qigong exercises often have poetic names that describe their essence and connection to nature. There are different kinds of Qigong. These include:

Self-Healing Qigong: Gentle exercises and meditations for specific health benefits
Therapeutic Qigong or Medical Qigong: Where one person works on another person 
Martial Qigong: Vigorous training to build martial arts skills 
Spiritual Qigong: Meditations and other practices for spiritual growth

Qigong Practice 

Qigong can be practiced for a very short time, like 10 minute or less, or for hours. Qigong complements any other practice or treatment program and is plenty effective on its own. Qigong is something you can always take with you wherever you go. Learn it well and you have it to use whenever you want, need, or want to share it. Qigong is an ideal self-healing practice after injury, surgery, or illness. A moderate Qigong practice can only help your life. You don’t need a large open space to practice most of the forms. Most Qigong sets can be practiced in a small space, like a living room, hotel room, or hallway. 

Three Reasons to Practice Qigong 

  1. To heal your yesterdays
  2. To energize for today
  3. To prepare for your tomorrows

 What Robert Loves about Qigong? 

  • You can enter into the practice of Qigong from any health level and immediately begin to benefit from it. 
  • You can practice Qigong all of your life and always be learning and growing with it. Qigong has no age limit. You can always benefit from it.
  • Qigong has a huge variety of exercises, meditations, styles to choose from. You can find the Qigong path that you like.
  • Qigong is intellectually stimulating, physically interesting, emotionally satisfying, and spiritually grounding.
  • Qigong can be combined with many other disciplines and activities, making those disciplines and activities better.
  • Qigong is portable. It can always be taken with you and requires only a calm space to practice.
  • Compared to the price of getting sick in the modern world, Qigong is incredibly inexpensive medicine. It may not cure all of your ills, but it can make your health much, much better, for a fraction of current medical costs. 
  • Qigong is fun to do.
  • Qigong feels good to practice in the moment, and it has long-term benefits.
  • Qigong teaches such important principles as moderation, balance and letting go.
  • Qigong has thousands of years of successful practice behind it. It is an ancient garden that has been planted, tended, weeded, and harvested again and again until the current fruits of that garden are full of color, juicy life-force, and tasty variety. 
  • Qigong forms are beautiful, deep, and enjoyable to practice.
  • Qigong teaches new ways to move, giving the joy and satisfaction of mastering new ways of being.

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