Bellingham, WA

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Operating Hours:
Call for meeting information


Membership Information
WWiB is comprised of a diverse and dynamic group of women committed to excellence in respective professions. A unique feature of WWiB is the limitations of members to no more than 3 members of each business category.

For membership information contact:
Cindy Grass, Membership VP

Membership Brochure

Membership Application

Steps To Become a Member
A prospective member must attend two meetings as a guest before submitting application. Please check our meeting times and locations on the home page. I am sure we will have a program/speaker suited to your interests.
Obtain a sponsorship form from an active member.
Fill out and submit the application form.
Your application will be reviewed by the board based on the criteria listed in the bylaws.
You will be notified within a month of your membership status.
Upon approval and receipt of the membership dues of $85.00, you will receive a membership packet and a name tag.

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